1. Adaptive nonlinear control for spacecraft proximity operations with strong guarantees on identification of mass properties.
  2. Implementation of Model Predictive Control (MPC) for spacecraft pose-trajectory generation.
  3. Experimental implementation of a vision-based feedback controller on a 5-DOF platform. The project aims to use a dual quaternion (DQ) control law, a DQ-MEKF, and pose feedback from a monocular vision system to perform proximity operations with respect to a known target.
  4. Exploration of the separation property in the design of control law for nonlinear systems.
  5. Implementation of a velocity-free dual-quaternion controller, for spacecraft pose control for a simulation incorporating orbital dynamics. The work was performed in MATLAB and Simulink.



  1. Experimental research in supersonic mixing for scramjets using Schlieren and PLIF.
  2. Study of instability frequencies of methane-air diffusion flame dynamics through image processing.
  3. Participation in a research project aiming to stabilize a flame underwater.